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Aquademy is an e-learning platform with exercises, trainings and swimming courses to learn to swim, improve technique or improve performance.

Intensive courses of one, two and four weeks

Exercises, trainings and courses customized according to your level

Content available from your smartphone and smartwatch

My role

I’m founder and responsible for the design, development and digital strategy of the platform. We are currently focused on generating content to attract users through Inbound Marketing, so it is incomplete and we expect its launch soon.

Market and user research

Market studies, interviews and surveys, customer discovery and user tests.


Creation of requirements, navigation flows, definition of improvements and new functionalities


Design of interfaces, user experience and interactions


Business development, financing, marketing and sales


Development and execution of integral strategy of digital marketing


Development of online courses platform


Building an e-learning platform from the beginning is a challenge, so I partnered with different professionals to generate the most content. I developed the platform quickly and connected a marketing automation system to send the deliverables automatically to get an autonomous platform.


We started with market research and customer discovery that helped us identify an interesting problem to solve; Many adults who want to learn to swim can not for shame or fear, time and courses availability or the high price of a personal trainer. Analyzing the competition we discovered that there is currently no leading service offering all phases of learning.


Of adults can not swim a length of 25 meters


Personal swim coaches cost 30-70€/h


More than 90% of swimmers train by themselves


So we plan to develop Aquademy in phases, the first being the creation of a responsive web platform, where you can learn with free resources, access training exercises and improve performance training.


The final design is a simple, fast and intuitive web with a modern aesthetic, with which you can access free content, resources and courses


The platform is currently in the process of creating free and paid content, in addition, I’ve published a book to learn how to swim at Amazon, which sold 150 copies in the first year, mainly from countries like Mexico, USA and Spain.

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